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Simple Score Sheets offers premium quality tournament, event, and league score sheets to golf professionals, as well as other tournament sports pros. 

I've talked to golf pros for 20 years, and I started a business to offer:

1. Simple pricing on score sheets

2. Reliable delivery with free shipping

3. Flexible designs that work with most events

All of our products are designed better, priced simply, produced in Michigan and shipped directly to your pro shop or clubhouse. We are excited to offer free ground shipping on all orders over $75. 

Orders ship from Grand Rapids, Michigan, usually within three (3) days of receipt. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your order, our products, pricing, or shipping; or add a note to your order on the cart checkout page.




(616) 777-7316


Simple Score Sheets LLC
272 Henry Ave SE
Grand Rapids MI 49503


1. Simple pricing,
free shipping,
order online today 
= easy for you.

All of our large golf score sheets are $3.75 each. All of our smaller golf score pads are padded in quantities of 25, at the value price of $39.50 per pad.

Shipping is free on all orders over $75. 

Order online, or call (616) 777-7316 for more information or to place an order. 


2. Clean, flexible designs allow you to use the same format for different types of events.

Our sheets are designed to be useful for individual players, teams of two, or teams of four. 

3. It's handwritten, on sturdy heavyweight paper. 

People see their names on screens or printed out by computers every day — there's nothing special or memorable about seeing your name in a computer font.  

Players in your tournaments and events deserve to enjoy one of the best traditions of the game: handwritten scoresheets.