Hole by Hole Score Pad

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Classic Hole by Hole Score Pad format for events, tournaments, weekly league results, matches, skins games and more! Up to 36 rounds of play can be recorded on each sheet, with light guidelines between each round, and darker lines in groups of four.

Each individual round line is 1/2" high (1 cm). The player name lines are 5" wide (13 cm), and the hole score boxes are just under 1/2" (1 cm) wide. All of the total columns (Out, In, Gross/36, Handicap/54, Net/72) are 3/4" wide (2 cm).
  • Up to 36 individual 18-hole rounds.
  • Up to 18 teams of two players (for matches or skins)
  • Up to 9 teams of four players (for leagues, outings, or events).
  • Up to 9 players over a four-round (72-hole) tournament

Our Score Pads measure 18" x 24" (46 x 61 cm), padded in quantities of 25 sheets. They are printed in medium blue ink on premium quality cover-weight paper with a silk finish. This paper is sturdy like business card stock, and permanent marker ink will not bleed through. Regular ball-point pens and even pencils also write perfectly on this paper. 

These score pads are much higher quality than the ball companies used to make, offered in the most useful design formats for all your leagues, outings, tournaments, and events. 

All Score Pads are priced at $39.50 each (25 sheets per pad).

All of our products are designed better, priced simply, produced in Michigan and shipped directly to your pro shop or clubhouse. We are excited to offer free ground shipping on all orders over $75.